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UAB „Imunodiagnostika“ investicijos į su COVID-19 susijusias MTEP veiklas

UAB „Imunodiagnostika“ įgyvendina projektą „UAB „Imunodiagnostika“ investicijos į su COVID-19 susijusias MTEP veiklas“, Nr. 01.2.1-LVPA-T-858-01-0003 finansuojamą iš Europos regioninės plėtros fondo. Finansuojama kaip Europos Sąjungos atsako į COVID-19 pandemiją priemonė (projekto biudžetas – 582.094,59 EUR, skirtas finansavimas – 465.675,67 EUR).

The aim of the project is to develop a globally innovative hybrid testing system for the detection of antibodies specific for COVID-19 and other cold viruses.

The successful implementation of R&D activities will lead to the development of a new multifunctional ELISA test that will be easily applicable in all hospital laboratories as they already have the necessary equipment. High-sensitivity tests will also be developed to check the response to several viral antigens at once, which will improve the accuracy of the test.

Start of project activities implementation: 15/01/2021

End of project activities implementation - 31/12/2021