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UAB „Imunodiagnostika“ investicijos į MTEP: inovacijos alergijų diagnostikoje

UAB Imunodiagnostika implements the project “UAB Imunodiagnostika investments in R&D: innovations in allergy diagnostics” (project No. J05-LVPA-K-01-0155) according to the 2014-2020. Measure No. of the European Union Funds Investment Operational Program Priority 1 “Promotion of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation” J05-LVPA-K “Intelligence. Joint Science-Business Projects ”, which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (project budget - EUR 1,338,082.85, funding - EUR 741,627.86). The main goal of the project is to carry out R&D activities, during which it is planned to create prototypes of two diagnostic kits based on innovative microarray technology:

· Type I hypersensitivity to drugs;

· For the detection of type I hypersensitivity, inhalable and household allergens;

During the project, the equipment necessary for the implementation of the R&D activities of the project is also purchased - a micro grid spotter.